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Vote in-person:

Saturday, Jan 21, 10am - 2pm at:

Plaza de la Raza
3540 N Mission Rd
Los Angeles, California 90031

Sunday, Jan 22, 10am - 2pm at:
IBEW 11 Union Hall
400 Chatsworth Dr
San Fernando, California 91340

For more voting opportunities, visit:


This is a party election where you can vote by mail OR in person. Here are the steps:

  1. There are two ways to vote. The best way is to vote by mail.  Request a ballot by filling out the form by December 31, 2022. Request a mail-in ballot:

  2. There is also in-person voting until the end of January. To register to vote IN PERSON, visit:

  3. Once you submit your form to vote by mail, you’ll receive an email confirmation from the party. We recommend forwarding that email to, so they can help keep track and make sure your vote is counted!

  4. Once you receive your ballot, fill it out for ALL 14 of Forward 44 slate members.

  5. Show up to vote in person on Jan 8 OR drop your ballot in the mail no later than 1/25/23. It must be received by January 30th to be counted.


What ADEMs is, how the California Democratic Party works, and why it's important.

How to vote, how to support, and other activist resources for our district.

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